How long does it take for my station to arrive once it has been ordered?

-If the station you have ordered is in stock then it would be delivered/installed typically within one or two weeks.

-If you have ordered an indoor station that is not in stock, the lead time is about 3 weeks. 

-If you have ordered an outdoor Meetpat station that is not in stock, the lead time is about 6-8 weeks.

What is involved in the maintenance contract?

-There is an annual standard maintenance on all systems. Maintenance involves sanitisation of the unit and filter changes where applicable. 

All outdoor Meetpat stations have the option of live-data monitoring which will tell us when the filter needs to be changed.

Is there an additional cost for installation, and if so, can my team do the installation?

-Yes, to have the unit installed by Ecofil will be an additional charge. However, if you are confident that your team can carry out the installation, then we will have the unit delivered, send over the installation guidelines and have our technical team assist you through the process. 

Do you offer any smaller water solutions that would be fit for a staff room for example?

Yes, Ecofil’s sister company, Icewater offers a comprehensive range of premium filtered water solutions. Please visit www.icewater.ie for more.

How do I design my Meetpat station?

Ecofil’s marketing and design team will work with you to optimise your stations’ graphics. We have several pre-designed templates available to be tailored to your requirements. We can also send you a blank template if you would like to experiment with some of your own ideas before coming back to us for a final revision.

How long do the filters last?

Ecofil uses two different types of filters depending on what station you are purchasing. Although the life of your filter will depend on usage, our high-volume medical-grade filters are typically changed once a year as part of the annual maintenance.a

If not required, can my station be installed without a filter?

It is not required that you add a filter to your station.

Do you sell reusable eco-friendly bottles?

We do indeed. We are the exclusive national distributors for an eco-friendly bio bottle which is made of 95% sugar cane. Please see our ‘News’ section to read more about our Ecofil bottle.

What is the difference between the portable and permanent unit?

-Visually, Meet PAT portable and permanent units appear to look very similar. Aesthetically they are. However only a small amount of components are shared, the key difference between the two ranges are:

The portable units are lightweight – made from lighter components, designed to be transported and quickly set up/pack down, can be connected to an existing “garden” tap, multiple units can be connected together to make a water wall.

The permanent units are stronger and heavier, designed for permanent plumbing and mounting in a single location, with increased vandal, security and graffiti proofing of all parts and finishes.