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Outdoor Tubular Drinking Solutions

Elkay® outdoor bottle filling stations and drinking fountains offer attractive, long-lasting durability to withstand tough weather conditions. The strong exterior is made from Type 316 stainless steel — standard on all Elkay outdoor tubular models! They are built for busy areas such as parks, pools, golf courses, and school and work campuses.

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What makes Stainless Steel Type-316 the best base material choice?

Unlike Type 304 stainless steel, marine-grade Type 316 stainless steel incorporates molybdenum, which significantly increases corrosion resistance. Type 316 is commonly used in many industrial applications involving processing chemicals, as well as high-saline environments such as coastal regions and outdoor areas where deicing salts are common.


How freeze resistant models work?

Freeze-resistant units minimize the time incoming water spends in freezing temperatures. For pedestal installations, this is accomplished by installing the control valves underground below the frost line. Freeze-resistant fountains and bottle fillers drain the water from tubing above the frost line when the units are not in use. This action minimizes the chance of the water supply tubing freezing.


What is the difference between traditional freeze valve systems and our sealed freeze valve systems?

A traditional freeze valve system relies on the gravitational flow of water down through the supply tubes. It drains the water into a drainage field. If soil conditions do not allow for proper drainage, the ground water can back up into the valve area and prevent the valve drain system from working properly.

Elkay's sealed freeze valve system isolates the water removed from the upper plumbing lines. During operation, the sealed freeze valve pulls water down from above the frost line and stores it in an isolated chamber until the next drink cycle is started. At the start of the next cycle, an internal piston forces the stored water out into a dedicated drainage circuit above ground level. By totally isolating water supply circuits and valve systems, the sealed freeze valve system continues to function properly even if the water table level rises above the valve.


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