Our New Bio Sports Bottle

The New Sports Bottle Made of Natural Materials


Our NEW sports bottle made from Green Polyethylene, a renewable raw material derived from sugar cane ethanol. During their growth cycle, the raw materials used to produce Green Polyethylene absorb and repair CO2 in the atmosphere, reducing greenhouse gases and it’s carbon footprint. Our Nature Bio-bottles are fully recyclable as plastic code 4.

BPA free
• Plasticizer Free
• Dishwasher safe
• 95% sugar based 

1 thought on “Our New Bio Sports Bottle

  1. I saw you up at the Donegal Regatta and I’m interested in stocking your eco water bottles in our coffee shop Limerick city. We’ve recently joined refill.ie in their initiative to stop selling single use plastic bottled water. We offer free refills, but people don’t often have their bottle with them so I thought if we had a supply of your charity bottles it would be a good solution for everyone.

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