Category: Outdoor Installs

Our New Bio Sports Bottle

The New Sports Bottle Made of Natural Materials   Our NEW sports bottle made from Green Polyethylene, a renewable raw material derived from sugar cane ethanol. During their growth cycle, the raw materials used to produce Green Polyethylene absorb and repair CO2 in the atmosphere, reducing greenhouse gases and it’s carbon footprint. Our Nature Bio-bottles […]

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New water filling stations for Howth and Malahide

Ecofil by IceWater has been working closely with councils in a bid to reduce plastic waste. Our bottle filling stations encourage people to refill rather than landfill. Based on a study conducted in 2015 Ireland was the top producer of plastic waste in the European Union.  We have recently installed bottle filling station at Malahide Park, Monaghan Library and Howth. Check out […]

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